About Us

We are an independent statutory body established in 2001 and which operates in accordance with good governance practices.

We monitor the effectiveness of regulatory legislation and compliance by regulated persons in accordance with the Financial Services Commission Act, 2008, regulations, codes or guidelines pertaining to money laundering or financing of terrorism. Our mandate allows us to police the perimeters of regulated activities and take regulatory action against persons or businesses caught violating Montserrat???s financial services laws.

We liaise with and advice the Government and Executive Council of Montserrat on matters relevant to financial services legislation and ensure that relevant national and accepted international business standards are effectively executed in and from within Montserrat.

We make recommendations as are appropriate on the enactment of new legislation, proposals advanced by non-Commission entities, and amendments or revision of financial services enactments or any other Act relating to financial services business, companies or partnerships. We also ensure that local legislation recommended is on par with current international standards.

We regulate all licensed and registered entities operating in the financial industry and supervise all designated non-financial service providers and non-profit organizations for anti-money laundering and terrorism financing purposes pursuant to all relevant Montserrat legislation and in accordance with international standards.

We maintain contact and develop relationships with persons engaged in the financial services sector within Montserrat, with foreign regulatory authorities and other international associations of regulatory authorities, and likewise provide regulatory assistance to foreign regulatory authorities so as to encourage the development of high professional financial services standards and the promotion of industry codes of conduct.

We provide such information and advice to financial institutions and the public, or any section of the public, concerning financial services business as is appropriate.

We aim to promote and maintain an efficient and effective regulatory regime which is transparent and adheres to good governance in overseeing the financial services industry in Montserrat. The mission is to implement international standards and apply best practices by adopting principles and procedures to enhance the Commission’s ability to manage the administrative, regulatory and supervisory functions in the respective financial services’ legislation.